June 21, 2010

The King James Only Controversy

What is the best, most accurate translation of Scripture? Which Greek manuscripts can be trusted? Are the KJV Onlyists correct? Are they wrong? These are questions I've been trying to find answers for in the last six months or so. To be honest, it's making me want to rip all my hair out of my head! There is so much to go through.

On one hand, I agree with the point the KJV Only camp makes regarding the Greek text. It does seem to me that the manuscripts coming out of Alexandria might be corrupt, but I just don't know for sure. On the other hand, I really don't think the differences between any manuscripts cause doctrinal issues.

Does God preserve His word? If so, where? Which Bible is His inerrant word? All of them? One of them? How much of a role do hermeneutics play? Why is it so hard for a man to find truth regarding this matter? I just wants God's word in it's purest form.

I desire to purchase a study Bible. A Bible that I will use as my main Sword. The ESV Study Bible looks absolutely amazing! But can the translation be trusted? Is there "gender-neutral" problems with the ESV as some claim? John MacArthur's study Bible also look great, but he is a Calvinist. The Scofield study Bible is also appealing, but which one?

Why is it so hard to find answers? I am so frustrated!

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